Building of commercial and residential purpose in Kaunas  



The defensive wall of Kaunas town was constructed in the beginning of the 17st century (1610-1625).

In historic sources, two stone cylinder-shape towers are mentioned. One of them, i.e. the Miller’s Tower, has remained until now. The defensive town wall with the tower is a historic landmark between the Old Town and the New Town.

In the 19st century, the Miller’s Tower was still unrepaired, without a roof and with crumbling walls. In order to preserve the historic heritage, even the tsarist Kaunas City Dūma considered the fate of this structure. The nobleman P.Tomaševskis, the owner of the adjacent plot, was offered to take care of and handle this structure without changing its appearance. At that time, P.Tomaševskis constructed a small workshop there. With the lapse of years, the purpose of the tower was changing, however, its appearance remained authentic.



The builder assumed responsibility for restoration of the unique heritage structures of Kaunas town, i.e. the Miller’s Tower, the defensive wall of the town and the historic lane. 

The future owners of apartments will also feel as having contributed to this honourable and dignified act – restoration of the architectural monument from the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for generations to come.

© 2006 Arno Vila