Building of commercial and residential purpose in Kaunas  


The building has been designed by Architects Bureau G.Natkevičius ir partneriai.  The conception of building design is based on the combination of contemporary architectural tendencies of the 21st century and classic principles. The building overlooks the city by its four facades. The facade will be shrouded with an original and functional mesh. A volume-splitting facade mesh will provide the building with the touches of mystery and weightlessness. The corner apartments with arched glass windows will make the impression of special cosiness.

The builder, i.e. UAB Arno Vila, and architects involved in the building design aimed at making this structure monumental and ensuring its high persistent value. The house is constructed without economising on new technologies, equipment, original facades and measures for environment improvement. All apartments and general premises will feature great comfort, state-of-the-art indoor equipment, especially modern ventilation, air conditioning and telecommunications systems. Terraces of top floors will offer a possibility to construct pools and spots of greenery. In the cellar, a parking-lot will be constructed. From the parking-lot, high-speed lifts will take to any floor of the building. To ensure safety of people, modern systems of fire protection as well as video cameras will be installed. In a central entrance lobby, a doorkeeper will guard an entrance round the clock. For convenience of the dwellers, a modern eco-friendly refuse chute will be furnished.

In the process of design and construction, particular attention is paid to the reliability of structures and the quality of construction works and materials. Therefore, the responsibility of the General Contractor was committed to the company Panevėžio Statybos Trestas distinguished for the construction of the Royal Palace (Valdovų rūmai), reconstruction of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania, and implementation of other projects of state level.


The windows of the building overlook a beautiful panorama of City Garden and Laisvės Avenue. From the top floors, the view opens on the Nemunas, Old Town and Žaliakalinis. The whole Kaunas under one’s feet is the feeling that overwhelms everyone being on spacious terraces.

The authentic defensive wall from the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with the Miller’s Tower (Malūnininko Tower) will be reflected in the mirror facade of modern architecture.  The future dwellers of the building are offered a unique possibility of seeing the defensive city wall and the Miller’s Tower in their own courtyard.


© 2006 Arno Vila