Building of commercial and residential purpose in Kaunas  


An exclusive site downtown in a unique complex with the Miller’s Tower and  the historical defensive wall.

The building faces the city with its four facades and enables to see the fabulous scenery of Laisves avenue, the Old Town and the rivers of Nemunas and Neris.

The facade is covered with original and functional tracery made of darkened aluminium profile, which makes the uniqueness of the building architecture and the safety and privacy for the dwellers.

The arched glass panoramic windows are mounted in the corner apartment of the building.

Pavements and courts that surround the building and the Tower, are cobble-paved.



The windows that face the Tower and on the floors 9 and 10 are made of structural glass.

Heating, air circulation and conditioning, cold and warm water, and electric supply systems are individual and have separate meters.

Cold bridges between the balcony and the building have been avoided by inserting heat insulation layer.

Building partitions and walls comply with the European standards of heat insulation

Balcony partitions are made of shatterproof glass and provide with more safety and better noise suppression.

The state-of-the-art and energy-saving illuminators are used for the facade lighting.



All apartments have spacious terraces. Terraces on the floors 2 - 8 are covered with Aparicci tiles of the newest design. Terraces on the floor 9 are covered with rosewood. Terraces on the floors 9 – 10 are   spacious enough to install pools or spots of greenery.

There are two cable television networks (with the possibility to watch more than 100 channels).

From the two-storied underground parking speed lifts can take to any floor of the building.

The high – speed Schindler lifts are fully equipped. The lift finishing – stone floor with mirrored and stainless steel interior.

Modern and environment -friendly lift for the waste is equipped on each floor.

Storage facilities are equipped on each floor for the dwellers’ convenience.

Most apartments have saunas.

The passageways and lounge are carpeted.

On request, we offer five options of interior finishing, accomplished in a centralised way by the contractor general.



Common modern fire protection and security systems with 24 video cameras are installed in the building.

A doorman is on watch round a clock in the vestibule.

Every apartment has a separate security system.


The builder and the architects aimed at designing and constructing an up-to-date, monumental and long – lasting building.


Yours faithfully,


UAB „Arno Vila“


© 2006 Arno Vila